Order from chaos in a geospatial world

A Personal Web Mapping Portfolio

Route Planning and Networking

Shortest route vs cheapest route modelling. High loads and wide loads restriced route mapping. Report costs, optimal route based fuel stops, and choose overnight accommodation.

Optimise Asset Location

With current aerial and topological data, combined with constraint driven models, locate the best places to site your business. Positioning drilling plaforms to optimise production.

Remote Sensing

Statistical landcover analysis and classifaction of remote sensing imagery. Multispectral, raster analysis of crop health, accurate yeild estimates. Asset inspection and valuation.

GeoJSON Embeded Map

Basemap with Track Layer Added This is an embeded map created in GeoJSON.io. The Track with waypoint Markers was overlaid in GeoJSON.io as a .JSON file. The map is rendered by GitHub using a Gist. Click on the map features to read the data description.