The Sibson Marina Project is progressing well. The basin has been excavated, clay lined and will soon be filled. The map composition below shows the details of the mooring arrangements and approximate position of the anchor blocks and additional bouys.

There is space for up to 27 main mooring blocks (green dots) at 10 m centres with additional mooring bouys (orange dots) set at 2 m intervals.

Mooring blocks – 1 ton cast concrete blocks, with galvanised steel eyes, will be linked by 10 m lengths of 20 mm chain between each block on the bed of basin.  Mooring bouys attached to the base chain at 2 m intervals, with smaller gauge, 10 mm galvanised chain. Each boat will have have its own mooring bouy.

Projection: British National Grid (EPSG:27700)

Download a PDF of the Marina Layout.


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