Watersheds and major tributaries of the Karnali River basin. The Karnali River, in the far western adminstration region of Nepal.

The Karnali River conmprises tributaries of the Bheri river and it’s two main tributaries, the Sani Bheri and Thuli Bheri. The Mugu Karnali and Humla Karnali are large systems of the same river, in the north west and north east of the catchement area and themselves are made up of several smaller tributaries, not depicted here.

In the Seti river system are the Budhiganga and Kailash. The Karwadi, Tila and Sinja kholas are smaller river networks making up the remainder of the Karnali river’s tributaries.

The main stream of the karnali river flows south from the Autonomous Region of Tibet. Entering the river network as the Humla Karnali, in the district of Humla, Far Western Nepal.

Additionally the map shows the watershed and river network for the Mahakali River, and it’s lower region, called here the Lower Mahakali Riverine. As is typical among the rivers on Nepal’s southern border, whole sub-river systems may flow into the main streams of major Nepali rivers, but their confluences are outside Nepal’s borders.

WS – Watershed
Nadi – River
Khola – Stream


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