Order from chaos in a geospatial world

A Personal Web Mapping Portfolio

Route Planning and Networking

Shortest route vs cheapest route modelling. High loads and wide loads restriced route mapping. Report costs, optimal route based fuel stops, and choose overnight accommodation.

Optimise Asset Location

With current aerial and topological data, combined with constraint driven models, locate the best places to site your business. Positioning drilling plaforms to optimise production.

Remote Sensing

Statistical landcover analysis and classifaction of remote sensing imagery. Multispectral, raster analysis of crop health, accurate yeild estimates. Asset inspection and valuation.

Oakley FTTH Network Study

Making progress with the popular FTTx high level network planning application from Softelnet. All the spreadsheet reports are now presented in an xlsx file. installing the correct version of openpyxl was the breakthrough required, including a few tweaks to the report writer. Currently working on developing the selection of demand points to produce a useable […]

Bedford City Centre Parking Zones

An interactive map of the controlled parking zones (CPZ) and allotments in Bedford City Centre. The Parking Zone polygons in the map were digitised from Bedford Borough Council’s PDFs, using the roadline as the approximate boundary of each zone. Controlled Parking Zone PDFs can be downloaded here: Zone A MapZone C MapZone D MapZone E […]

Planning FTTH Networks With QGIS

Planning FTTH Networks Linking houses to hub points on adjacent roads –  Having spoken to professionals about designing planning fibre networks, I wanted to explore the task using QGIS. (Spoiler: And then I discovered Ksavi’s – Geospatial Network Inventory – Fiber optic network planning and design.) Using QGIS example Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks were […]

Marina Mooring Features

The Sibson Marina Project is progressing well. The basin has been excavated, clay lined and will soon be filled. The map composition below shows the details of the mooring arrangements and approximate position of the anchor blocks and additional bouys. There is space for up to 27 main mooring blocks (green dots) at 10 m […]

Flood Risk Analysis – Central Bedford

After the May 27 2018 flooding events in Birmingham and Northampton in the UK, I considered Zone 2 and Zone 3 flood risk in central Bedford. I live in Bedford close to the river, but it seems I’m safe, for now. Data Sources OS OpenData Products Environment Agency Flood Zone Data Projection: British National Grid